Many parents consult me about the pros and cons of vaccination. To help them to make an informed choice in line with their own preferences I have developed a decision tree
The decision tree guides along various stepping-stones between vaccinating according to standard schemes or not vaccinating at all. Part of the information is based on research done by Dr. Viera Scheibner, an Australian scientist, who is a leading expert on vaccinations.

For more information and to ask specific questions about your child, you can make an appointment. I will discuss with you the pros and cons of vaccinating or not, the function of childhood diseases in building up the immune system and what a treatment with homeopathy looks like.

Some children develop symptoms or become seriously ill weeks or months after a vaccination. This can range from a chronic cold, recurrent ear infections or a disturbance in sleep rhythm to a developmental decline or even behavioural changes.
Parents may say, for instance, that they had a healthy child who, however, has been ailing since the vaccinations; in severe cases, they may tell that it has become ‘a different child’.

Homeopathic treatment can often remedy the complaints and decongest the vaccination. I discuss the exact approach with the parents in a comprehensive consultation.