Practice for Homeopathy

Quite a large percentage of my patients consists of people of different nationalities. I am half Swiss, half Dutch. I have lived and worked in various countries around the world. I am therefore familiar with what it entails to live abroad, to find your way in a different culture and healthcare system.

As a homeopath it is very important to fully understand the ins and outs of a patient’s complaints. Understandably patients feel most at ease talking in their mother tongue about themselves or their child. I can take consultations in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
Which means I don’t miss out on any subtleties concerning the pains in the body or any feelings and concerns.

Before training as a homeopath I passed a university degree in Business Administration (MBA) in Switzerland. I then became the director of an international language school. Thereafter I worked for the International Red Cross in various African countries and in the Middle East; first as delegate in areas of war, later in charge of setting up Primary Health Care projects. I then moved to the Netherlands with my Dutch partner and followed a 5-year course in Homeopathy.

I have been in practice as a homeopath since 1994 and I am a member of the association ‘Nederlandse Vereniging Klassiek Homeopaten’ (NVKH).

As a volunteer I am involved with ‘Homeopaths without Borders’ (HwB), an organisation which teaches homeopathy to doctors, nurses, midwives, in developing countries and Eastern Europe.


Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine, which stimulates the immune system with the mildest dose possible (the homeopathic remedy). It activates the resistance and the self-healing capacity of the body and mind. Homeopathy has no side effects.


I treat adults and children for a wide range of both acute and chronic illnesses, which include physical and emotional aspects.

Below you will find a list of the top 10 physical, general and emotional complaints I see in my office. For a more extensive list see under the Dutch section ‘klachten’ or please feel free to call me.

Top 10 physical complaints Top 10 general and emotional complaints
Asthma and bronchitis Burn out
Cystitis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Eczema Insomnia
Headache and migraine Mononucleosis
Intestinal complaints and
irritable bowel syndrome - IBS
Operations, complaints after
Menstrual complaints and PMS Vaccination, complaints after
Otitis Anxiety and fears
Pregnancy, complaints during Child behaviour problems
Sports injuries incl. dancers Emotional trauma’s
Stomach ulcers Mood swings


I see many families with their children.
During a consultation I explore the symptoms that are typical of your child’s reaction to a disease. On top of what parents relate observation is an important source of information. In which way does your baby or child differ from his or her peers?
I have a daughter and a son.


Quite a number of parents consult me on the pros and cons of vaccination. I developed a decision tree to help parents make a choice in line with their own preferences. The decision tree guides parents along various stepping-stones between vaccinating according to standard schemes or not vaccinating at all. Part of the information is based on research done by Dr. Viera Scheibner, an Australian scientist, who is a leading expert on vaccinations.

Please feel free to call me for an appointment.

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

In the course of the years I have treated quite some people who still suffer from the consequences of seeing or experiencing a severely traumatic event. Possible reactions vary from reliving the event, which disturbs day-to-day-activity, avoidance in the form of emotional numbness or being quickly aroused (incl. sleep).

Patients’ experience ranges from accidents to domestic violence, rape, assaults or having lived through a war. I have treated both civilians and veterans (and their families) from former Yugoslavia, Georgia and the Caucasus, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, Rwanda and other African countries. I have worked myself in war areas in the Middle East and Africa for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Patients find this common ground helpful in addressing their traumatic experience, something they might have never talked about before.

Homeopathy offers a number of very specific PTSD remedies, which support the patient on his or her path to a renewed balance. I am involved with Homeopaths without Borders, an organisation, which teaches in post war countries and has specific expertise in this field.


Schedule   Duration Fees 2013
(incl. 21% VAT)
- first consultation: adults: 1 – 1,5 hour 120 €
  children up to 12 years: ¾ - 1 hour 89 €
- follow up   ½ - ¾ hour 70 €
- short consultation by telephone     24 €

Medication is most of the time included in the fees.

Consultations need to be cancelled at least two working days ahead so other patients can be scheduled. Later cancellations will be billed.


Most international health insurances cover homeopathy in their world wide/global package. Dutch insurances partially or fully reimburse homeopathic treatment in their additional package. The website of our professional association Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klassiek Homeopaten – - gives you the details of all the Dutch insurance companies. 
Patients and their families can join a collective insurance the NVKH has concluded with Turien & Co. This insurance covers homeopathic consultations for the full 100% and gives a 10% reduction on the premium.

Contact: > Behandeling > collectieve zorgverzekering, or directly - Ref: cv3077 Vrienden van de NVKH.

It is always possible to conclude the additional insurance with e.g. Turien & Co and stay for the basic package with your present health insurance!


Christine Zürcher MBA LNCN
Lijnbaansgracht 101 hs (between Rozengracht and Bloemgracht)
1016 KT Amsterdam
Tel. 020 – 622 32 90
Telephone consultations:
Monday – Friday 12:00 – 13:00

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